New office hours due to COVID-19

Closed to all walk-ins. Please call 909-825-0359 for assistance. Office phone hours are Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm and CLOSED on Friday, unless we have dispatch, until further notice.

If you need to sign the out of work list please text one of our Business Agents and include your name, contractor you were working for and your last day worked. We will add you to the out of work list.

Retirees and Members in need, if you are in need of any toiletries or groceries please call the local for assistance.  We want to ensure you are able to obtain necessities. 

COVID-19 Information and links!

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A&J Training Center Notice


United Association COVID-19 Resource Link


Dr. Peter Lin Breaks Down Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Message from G.P. Mark McManus Regarding Assistance with Dues